Hello Shiny New Blog…Hello World!

Hi all, I’m Floss! I’m a 20-something mummy from North East England.

This blog is going to record my weight loss journey, I’m a bit of a yo-yoer but you know what? Yo-yo dieting is so last century! Therefore this is the final time I am going to lose weight, because I am going to succeed and maintain a healthy weight at the end of it!

I know what you’re thinking, weight loss blogs are ten-a-penny right? But I reckon having this little outlet to spout all of the nonsense in my head onto might help me, can’t hurt to give it a go. Therefore this blog is gonna be a mash-up of food diaries, rants, celebrations and recipes. Plus, sometimes I might even have funny stuff to report!

My weigh-in day is Tuesday, so I’ll post every week following the results (gulp!) and probably lots in between too. I’ve decided to blog anonymously so that I can be completely honest about how I feel, and probably disclose my actual weight – something I just aren’t confident enough to do in ‘real life’ yet!!

I guess that’s all the boring blurb out of the way, here we go!

Floss x