Monday, Monday

Good afternoon everyone, and a happy new week to you!

Monday is such a weird day for me, it’s the start of a lovely new week for most of us, but as I get weighed on a Tuesday its the end of my ‘diet’ week. By Monday night I’m either feeling really chuffed with myself or wishing myself into a big black hole so I don’t have to face the scales the next morning! What is your usual Monday vibe? This week, I am sort of in the middle.

I had a fab weekend partying for my dad’s birthday, it typically consisted of lots of yummy food and cakes. I didn’t go overboard, but I did indulge! Alcohol consumption was zero, which I think will have limited the damage slightly. I intended being back on track yesterday but it just didn’t happened how I’d planned, wooops! Anyway today so far I’ve had 50g Bran Flakes topped with banana and skimmed milk, and about to have some wafer thin ham, cottage cheese and lots of salad for lunch. 

Just for anyone wondering, I’m following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan. I really enjoy it, compared to other plans I’ve tried in the past I find it really flexible to fit in with general life, whilst also keeping my portions in check which is one of my major issues with food! If I fancy choccie I can have it, if I want to splurge I can using my weekly allowance, if I fancy a strict day I can leave some points over. Currently, I am allowed 40 daily points which is lots considering the lowest allowance is 26, so I can’t wait to see the points go down each week!

Well, I think I’ve rambled on quite enough for now. Good luck for this week, I can feel it in my waters it’s gonna be a good one!!

Floss x


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